Friday, October 10, 2008

Some pictures, yo~!

Here's some pics...all before I did any rust work...the after pics coming in a day or two
Here's the big hole in the passenger side floor pan. This is the area between the underside of the back seat, and the passenger seat. Same old story: battery acid leaked out from the area under the back seat, and got under the tar board...sat and sat and sat and one could really see the rust under the tar board. I ended up cutting out a larger area to rid the old rusted out part of the pan, to get to solid material to weld to. 

Here's the passenger side rear shocks I put in. Coil overs (it still had the original shocks!) to support the extra 150lbs or so that will be in the car.

Here's one of the front shocks in there - these were quite difficult to get in there. Had to use a 2nd floor jack to compress the shock to get it in there. Is there a better way? Probably, but I did it this way...

Under the bonnet...where the gas tank used to be. Pretty dirty and rusty around the area where the wiper fluid reservoir and brake fluid reservoir sit. I took them out to clean them up. The brake fluid reservoir had a loose cap, (the original) that had just fallen off, so a lot of fluid had leaked all over there. Got a new cap for that, and getting some new flexi line for the fluid. You should see this area now, in the 'after' pics. Really looks great.

The upper part of the bonnet/gas tank area. I sanded it down, and touched it up with some matched Ruby Red paint. Looks great now...check back for the after pics.

I'm gonna put 3 batteries in that area where the tank used to be. 

Hopefully a lot work will get done this weekend. Dad is gonna be here for a while, helping out for a week.